Friday, February 18, 2005

Things that make it all better

I do not consider myself a complainer. If the short history of my blog attests to anything -it could demonstrate that I have a very skewed vision of myself. So I suffer Personality Dismorphic disorder perhaps? In the past three weeks (since hubby left for Texas) I suffered through the flu, that migraine that had enough latent energy to run our appliances, and now the daycare that I pay over 3/4 of my salary to has given me a cold. I must say that the common cold is the most bearable of all the illnesses I have endured these last few weeks. I can feel slightly drugged - legally.

So I was attempting to salvage this day into something marginally cheerful when I find that Harry has found the hidden Sharpie and has redecorated the dining room table that I refinished this fall. I've checked some of the helpful hint sites and the least invasive and non-toxic suggestions have failed. I fear that I need to break out the sandblaster or some noxious smelling chemical that will ruin the finish. I'm sorry if I am paying far too much attention to the inanimate table and not oohing and ahhing the praises of my son's artistic abilities....but I poured my muscle and sweat into that table this get rid of the first round of crayon and marker stains. I'm less than enthused over this recent display of postmodern expression.

So Harry comes up to me this evening.

"Here mommy this is for you"

He gives me bwankie, his grey and threadbare companion that I guarantee with absolute certainty will attend his first day of kindergarten in the fall.

"Its yours now Mommy".

I tell him that I will borrow it.

"Mommy, you're my best friend"

Harry has all the best one-liners. My other favorite is "mommy lets snuggle".

This will probably embarass the snot out of him when he is 15...but who cares... redeemed...

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